Principal’s Message

School PhotoDear Parents,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Carden Academy.  As a Silicon Valley native and a product of the private school system myself, I can safely say that there is no place like Carden. When it comes to the two very basic components of education, access to information and social interactions, our society is changing at an unprecedented pace. At Carden Academy we understand that it is critical that we evolve and advance our teaching methods to meet the changing needs of students to better prepare them for academic and social challenges that lie ahead. We are dedicated to doing this in a way that allows students to enjoy the process of learning and to feel comfortable and supported in trying new things. This enables students to feel confident when challenging themselves without worrying about the outcome of their endeavors.

If I had to summarize what Carden is about, I would say the following:

Carden is a place where innovation and inspiration thrive

Our curriculum is based on two very basic principles – logic and application. Right from kindergarten we encourage learning by inquiry. The teaching techniques are focused on evolving the child’s critical thinking skills so that they learn to reason and understand how to connect information in a way that can be used to problem solve. In the process of doing so, they come up with new ideas and thought processes, and work together to make them applicable while constantly innovating and inspiring one another.

Carden is a place where imagination becomes application

We believe in balancing theoretical information with exposure to experiential learning. These experiences intrinsically motivate students to engage in their own learning as they become independent thinkers. Our goal is to provide the students the tools to make the relevant connections between what they learn and how it can be utilized, improved upon and made relevant to their world today and in the years to come.

Carden is a place where confidence and creativity grow

The way we teach at Carden lends itself to a lot of communication, collaboration and exchange of ideas among students. It is important that we offer a learning environment where children feel safe and supported in expressing themselves. The teachers are very mindful of the fact that the content needs to be delivered and assessed according to the varying abilities of the students. They invest the time to understand each child’s academic and social needs. This helps them create an atmosphere where children feel comfortable pushing themselves and have a sense of accomplishment. This in turn fosters creativity and confidence.

Carden is a place where friendships flourish

The hallmark of Carden Academy is its community. When we talk about friendships it’s not just the friendships among students, but also among the parents and teachers who are all part of our Carden family. They share common educational and parenting philosophies and everyone contributes to the warm and welcoming environment that makes Carden such a special place!

I want to conclude by saying that we understand that when parents drop off their children at school every morning they need to know that their child will be safe, loved and successful. We are committed to providing just that.  I invite you to come see how we do this and participate in the Carden experience.

Laura Wells

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