Tuition & Academic Fees for 2019-2020

Assessment Interview Fee: $100.00

Registration Fee: $600.00

Tuition: $17,375.00

The tuition may be paid to FACTS Management Company in eleven equal installments (one eleventh of the total tuition) due on the first of each month beginning July 1 and continuing each month through May 1. A 5% tuition discount is given to families who pay the entire family annual tuition by the Annual Fee deadline.

An additional 5% tuition discount for the first child enrolled is offered to families with two students. An additional 2% discount for the second child enrolled is offered to families with three or more students.

If your child should be withdrawn and the school has not received thirty days written notice prior to the first installment being due, payment of the first installment is required.  The school also requires a thirty day notice in writing if you withdraw your child before the end of the current school year.  Tuition will be due through the end of the month in which the thirty day notice ends.

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