Carden Technology

Technology is an integral part of today’s world. At Carden Academy, we help children develop the skills to use technology in ways that foster curiosity and enliven the spirit. Digital citizenry and understanding our relationship to technology are important to Carden and our families. We help students navigate the digital world in ways that are healthy and humane.

All students (kindergarten through eighth grade) attend technology class taught by a dedicated technology teacher. The kindergarteners learn the basic technological skills and concepts like using the keyboard and mouse, logging in and out, using simple applications like Kidspiration idea-mapping software and KidPix graphic design software. They progress to learning how to use Microsoft Suite of applications, Apple’s iLife suite, and The Print Shop. All grades are introduced to the basics of programming and the middle school students advance these skills with Python and HTML. They all create cross curricular projects that may involve animation, creating web pages, editing digital images and using a variety of applications like Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Scratch and many more.


1-To-1 iPad Program

At Carden Academy, every student is provided an iPad. Students learn how to leverage technology as an aid to learning and discovery. In elementary school, the applications on the iPads are designed only to enhance core reading, writing and mathematical skills. There is a strong focus on the basics of learning. In middle school, the goal is to prepare students for high school in the use of technology. Middle school students tend to rely on iPads for both classwork and homework, and use them for note taking, outlining, completing assignments, and as an organizational tool.


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