Middle School Overview

Middle School Curriculum

At the Middle School level, the curriculum builds upon the core foundation of the elementary school to prepare the students for the challenges of high school academics. Carden students are more likely to excel in high school because they are self-motivated, independent learners.

Language Arts & Literature

Students receive advanced-level linguistic and text analysis skills, providing them with an in-depth understanding of the English language, which prepares them to more easily approach the higher-level texts they will be encountering in high school. This includes dictation skills presented in an integrated history approach, as well as grammar tools utilized for high-level comprehension of text. Students learn to apply composition techniques to integrated works of literature, social studies, and history, with the goal of producing thoughtful, organized, and well-written essays and reports, in addition to producing original works that express each individual’s uniqueness and imagination.


Pre-Algebra and Algebra classes emphasize working with numbers and equations to understand the underlying mathematics principles behind writing, solving, and graphing linear and quadratic equations. Mathematical reasoning is interwoven throughout. Geometry classes explore shapes, size, relative positions, and properties of space. Pre-Calculus classes are available for advanced students.


A wide range of art media and techniques are explored, including ceramics, clay, brush painting, and quilting, in addition to drawing mediums such as charcoal and pastels. Students study a variety of artists and genres, and utilize their works for inspiration on self-portraiture.


Our science curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation that’s relevant for today’s world. Carden students enter high school ready to learn more advanced concepts. Topics covered include principles of Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


The course of study includes listening appreciation and performance of music concepts. Genres covered include Classical as well as American Music History ranging from civilizations of antiquity through the 1960’s and contemporary music.

Foreign Language

French, Mandarin and Spanish are covered with topics including vocabulary building, grammar, sentence structure, problem solving, and memorization skills.

In addition, Middle School grade levels feature computer programming, physical education including organized sports, and community service. Field trips scheduled throughout the year, including an annual multi-night science trip to Natural Bridges for sixth grade, a trip to Catalina Marine Institute for seventh grade and eighth grade trip to Washington D.C., bridge classroom learning and real-life application. Other clubs and activities include Student Council, National Junior Honor Society, mentoring, and high school preparation classes.

Curriculum Summaries by Grade Level

Grade 6 Curriculum

Grade 7 Curriculum

Grade 8 Curriculum

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