Our Philosophy

Carden Academy: Where confidence and creativity grow.

There’s something special about Carden Academy. There’s a richness and depth to our community. Curiosity is celebrated. The joy of learning is held in the highest regard. The pulse and vibrancy of life is everywhere.

Here, you’ll find our students are fully engaged. Each and every one of our teachers and staff take the time to get to know the students and place an emphasis on individualized attention and small group learning. Our academics are challenging, and our curriculum is well rounded. The result is an education where students are ready for high school, and beyond.

The Pillars of the Carden Academy Experience

At Carden, education is founded on three fundamental principles:

  1. Reason. Teaching the fundamentals of logic behind the subject matter for deeper understanding.
  2. Respect. Developing respect for themselves and for others.
  3. Responsibility. Taking ownership of their words and actions.

“We are aware that the pattern of life is Cause and Effect, and that the only way to assure the desired effect is to weigh life’s values, bear them in mind, act in accordance with them, and reap the nice reward.” —Mae Carden

The aim of Carden Academy of Almaden is to develop a student who is competent in academic areas, speaks well, is poised, has acquired good manners, is cognizant of a proper code of ethics, and continues to absorb the knowledge of the cultural aspects of life.

The Carden Educational Foundation

The Carden Educational Foundation, organized in 1962, is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and publishing the Carden Curriculum to over 80 schools in the United States as well as numerous tutors and home-school educators. The Foundation engages in an ongoing program of development in keeping with current advancements in education, providing a Carden credential program for teachers, and overseeing the integrity of the curriculum taught in schools across the country. Since 1973, Carden Academy of Almaden has continued to provide each student with the Carden Heritage. Each Carden School is independently owned and operated. Carden is not a franchise. For more information on the Carden Educational Foundation, please visit their website at www.cardenschool.org.

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