Carden Academy Mathematics

The Carden Academy advanced mathematics program builds a strong foundation of lifelong skills while meeting the individual needs of each student. Addressing the uniqueness of each student is paramount to the success of a child in school.

Recent and past studies have proven that children in their formative years need to acquire mathematical abilities in a careful, sequential method without the use of aides like calculators that enhance speed but deprive the student of conceptual learning. Mastering fundamental tools is crucial to mastery of any skill. This has been a basic premise and an integral part of Carden Academy for almost four decades.

This is why we have carefully coupled the Carden teaching techniques with the Sadlier-Oxford Mathematics text, thereby ensuring adherence to current national standards as well as providing students with a strong grasp of mathematics. Each concept is mastered, rather than just merely introduced.

Addition, subtraction, estimating, rounding, numeration, whole number operations, monetary transactions, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, ratio and percentages, statistics, and probability are some of the math concepts covered in the lower grades. Algebra and Geometry are covered in Grades 6-8.

Because of this strong foundation, Carden students often advance quickly when they begin the mathematics curriculum at the high school level.

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