Science Through Experience

Carden Academy’s science program is experiential. We want students to experience, see, and touch what they learn in the classroom. To have the student observe science up close, outside the traditional four-wall approach, is an integral part of the science curriculum. To facilitate this, each grade level has weekly labs and periodic field trips to various locations to reinforce the classroom presentation.

Just as important is the foundation the pupil receives from the teacher. This two-point process, inside and outside the classroom, allows the student the opportunity to enjoy a well-rounded learning approach.

To accomplish these goals, we are using the highly regarded Diamond edition of the Scott Foresman Science curriculum. This program complements the Carden method with inquiry-rich content using cross-curricular ties linking reading and science together.

As a result of this carefully well-rounded approach, our students receive honors and advanced placement in the high schools they choose to attend.


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