The Carden Reading Method

Phonics and Word Structure: The student’s vocabulary is part of their personal mental image of life. There is great joy and satisfaction in applying Carden phonics to read easily, to spell accurately, and to speak clearly. Mastery of the language arts enables youngsters to convey their personal mental images to others with ease. Students are aware of the power that language imparts to them. They develop the self-respect that yields self-esteem.

Word Grouping: Students learn to read thoughts rhythmically. This means they read with a rhythm that helps to impart understanding, whether reading silently for personal enjoyment or reading aloud for the enjoyment of listeners. They learn to group words as they read according to questions for comprehension that the words answer. They are not afraid of grammar. They know how to use it as a tool of comprehension. In school, at home, and elsewhere, they use it when reading, writing, and speaking.

Finding and Expressing the Main Idea: Students prove their understanding by emphasizing the key word of a sentence as they read. The key word determines the main idea of the sentence. They appreciate having valid critical thinking techniques that enable them to choose a key word to justify their choice. Readers use the key word to compose a title that expresses the main idea of a sentence. The key words and titles form the basis for outlining. The ability to organize thought is one of the identifying marks of the Carden student.

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